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Symbolic Meaning of Panther Tattoos

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Symbolic Meaning of Panther Tattoos

Symbolic Meaning of Panther Tattoos

In Central and South America, Panther is associated with the sun. It is symbolic of power, guardianship, courage and valor. It embodies aggressiveness and power and reflect an ability to do a variety of tasks. Panthers are also brilliant swimmers and agile climbers.

Since they have the ability to sprint with great speed, they hold the teachings of quick decisive actions. Thus, those exhibiting panther tattoos also want to express the statement that they are strong and independent individuals who are not afraid express their opinions to fight for their rights and beliefs.

The panther is also symbolic of the feminine, power and protection for women who chose to have panther tattoo inked on them. They are representation of women as being gentle and loving with their children, yet fearless in defending their families. They also symbolizes rebirth, swiftness, cunning, perseverance, boldness, and beauty.

With tattoos being versatile in styles and meaning, you can attach different symbolism to it depending on how you can relate it to your personal life. The important thing is you know that you are making a strong and bold statement with panther tattoos.

Placement of Panther Tattoos

The black crawling panther is one form whose contours make it ideal for placement over the rolling and fluid musculature of the arms and legs. Panther tattoos are usually detailed and big so they can usually be seen inked at body parts that can serve as a large canvas. Aside from arms and legs, they can be seen crawling upwards or downwards on the ribs, shoulder blades, chest, back and thighs. Aside from the image of the said animal in action, there are several other variations for this style of body art. One is the panther head while some are the ones with tribal touch.

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